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Here at Country Fresh Food and Confections, Inc., it is our desire to offer premium quality products to our customers. We do not want to be "comfortable", but rather, continue to strive for new success. Sure, we still have the "traditional" bulk program with the loaves, knife and cutting boards, but we have now expanded that program to include our "No Cut, No Weigh" convenient bulk program! Less stress and less effort, still great profit! We have over 100 flavors, including our great tasting sugar-free flavors! But we haven't stopped there. We are now proud to offer the most premium Fudge Mix on the market! Our customers can choose to make their own fudge with Country Fresh Fudge Mix or they can choose to make some flavors and purchase the rest already made, knowing that either way, they are offering sensational tasting fudge to their customers. We are now also offering our new Fudge Shoppe Selections, a perfect retail package that offers a multitude of fudge flavors that appeals to all types of retailers. We also offer individually wrapped fudge pieces and fudge cups in our Pamela Anne's brand and a wide variety of packaging for our Spirit Legends brand of truly unique flavors. 

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Phone:  800-545-8782

Email:  customer.service@countryfreshfood.com

Website:  https://www.countryfreshfood.com/

Address:  409 Main St,
Oliver Springs, TN, 37840


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