Fengerda Group

Fengerda metal products Co.,ltd was established in 1998.  We have specialized in metal abrasive industry for almost 20 years,through fengerda people's tireless effort, we have developed products with international advanced level. Our main products include six series with dozens of specifications, six series are "steel shot, steel grit, steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot, aluminium shot, zinc shot".  Due to the different application area, we also developed our utility model patent:alloy grinding steel shot, reinforcing environmental friendly steel grit, gradation mixed abrasive products, to expand the high-end market. 

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Phone:  +86-632-5985228

Email:  info@fengerda.com

Address:  No. 2699 Qingpi Road, Tengzhou City,
Shandong Province, China, 277512 
Website:  https://www.fengerdachina.com/

Video:  https://youtube.com/shorts/6fusy2sWl34


About the Company

A Global Q International Company

• Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, USA
• With locations in Dubai, UAE
• Shenyang, China