Together We Can Build a Better World, One Trade at a Time!

We're striving to be a helpful global partner.  Trade Market Global would like to contribute to a better quality of life for people all over the world.   Honest and Fair Trade can powerfully contribute to a better standard of living in every country that participates.  Together, we can help rebuild the world economy, one trade at a time.

User / Buyer Membership (Free)

  • Register as a (User / Buyer) and gain access to products and services from Sellers all over the World.  
  • Browse through product listings from Verified Sellers such as, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, and more.
  • Search for products & services, make offers, and purchase products & services.

Manufacturer / Supplier Membership (Free)

  • Register as a (Manufacturer / Supplier) and your company profile will be included in our global directory of Manufacturers & Suppliers.
  • Gain access to Sellers from all over the World, that can sell your products for you.  
  • Add your products to our platform and have complete control over which Sellers can sell your products on the Marketplace.  Once you approve a Seller, then your products will only be visible in that Seller's Store.  (Must be a Seller to have your products visible on our marketplace, and to include prices with product listings, and to sell products through the shopping cart)
  • List up to 1,000 products!  If you need to list more products, contact us and we can offer you an upgrade option for unlimited product listings.
  • Extremely functional and intuitive Back Office
  • Product Configurators
  • Product Selection tables with filter and sort functions
  • Import / Export syncing with your Excel / CSV flat files
  • Raid5 Backup and Sucuri Antivirus
  • APIs / EDI's / Import Syncing
  • ... and much more
After registering as a Manufacturer / Supplier, our staff will use some of the info you enter into the registraton form to create your Manufacturer / Supplier Profile, which will be visible on our directory.  In order for us to complete your profile, we will contact you to gather more information.


Seller / Manufacturer / Supplier Membership (Free)


We appreciate our Vendors and our Shoppers.  We want to show our appreciation during our current 2023 launch.  We need to fill up our Marketplace with Honest and Reliable Manufacturers, Suppliers, & Service Providers (Vendors).  We have decided that for a temporary period of time, all New Vendors will have their initial Set-up Fee and their Monthly Membership Fees waived for the Life of their account! 

The only fees we will charge qualifying accounts is a 1% per transaction fee for Vendor's sales transactions when using our payment processing system through TradeMarketGlobal.com.  (Using our shopping cart and payment processing system is not required, and is completely voluntary, however, it is the only shopping cart and payment processing system that will be allowed on our Marketplace.)  Please keep in mind that the payment processor that we use for accepting customer payments for each Vendor's sales is Stripe Payments, and Stripe Payments charges their own fees per transaction. 

We may also offer optional products or services to our members that we will charge a separate fee for, but they will not be required, and will be completely voluntary, such as upgraded premium product listings, upgraded account features, sales & advertising services, and more, to help add value to your experience as a vendor on our marketplace.

The requirements necessary for Vendors to qualify for this introductory offer during our 2023 launch are:
  • Vendors must register and get approved as a (Seller), or a (Manufacturer / Supplier), or both
  • Sellers must post products or services for sale, with appropriate images, titles, and descriptions, or Manufacturer / Suppliers must create a profile for the business directory here on TradeMarketGlobal.com (We just want you to help us create good content during our launch)
  • Vendors must post appropriate products or services, and content, according to the TradeMarketGlobal.com terms of use.  A partial guideline is that, if it is not appropriate for Children and Minors to view or purchase, then it is probably not acceptable to post on TradeMarketGlobal.com.  If you are not sure if your products or services will be appropriate for our marketplace, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.  We want all of our Vendors to feel safe and proud to post, and sell their products and services here on TradeMarketGlobal.com.
One of the many great benefits of our marketplace is that Vendors can enjoy lightning fast page loads for their product listings and product pages, even with thousands of products, and thousands of shoppers visiting their store and making purchases at the same time!


Seller / Manufacturer / Suppler Membership Benefits

Registering as a (Seller / Supplier) provides you with many benefits, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Can list up to 1,000 products if you are not accepting payments using our shopping cart system. If you need to list more products and don't want to use our shopping cart to accept payments, contact us and we can offer you an upgrade for unlimited product listings.
  • Unlimited product listings if you are using our shopping cart system to accept your customer payments.
  • Take orders and accept payments from your customer purchases
  • When customers make a payment at your store, our 1% commission is automatically deducted, and your funds are immediately sent to your back office account. We use Stripe Payments, and Stripe Connect to accomplish this. In order for you to participate in this payment system, you will need to have a Stripe Account with Stripe Connect. There is an easy sign-up form in your back office that will set you up with a Stripe Account and Stripe Connect, and automatically integrate your account so you can automatically receive your customer payment funds into your back office.
  • Stripe Payments control panel in your back office, so you can easily withdraw your funds whenever you want. You're in control of your funds.
  • Extremely functional and intuitive Back Office 
  • Product Configurators
  • Product Selection tables with filter and sort functions
  • Customers can track orders online, get emails on updates
  • Responsive Design compliant on all browsers
  • Return Material Authorization Process
  • Import / Export syncing with your Excel / CSV flat files
  • Raid5 Backup and Sucuri Antivirus
  • APIs / EDI's / Import Syncing
  •  ... and much more!


About the Company

A Global Q International Company

• Headquartered in Knoxville, TN, USA
• With locations in Dubai, UAE
• Shenyang, China